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Gamification in Education

The modern technology has taken the educational standards to a different level. With every thing done online, education hasn’t been an exception to this. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new method oflearning.Gamification has been a trending way that has been introduced to education. First of all let’s know, what is gamification? Gamification is the introduction […]

How to know if your child need the best tutor finding service

Child’s education is one of the primary priority of parents. They are always seen to be worried about their child’s future and how they will make a good career to be able to survive in this world and be asuccessful person. Every parent want their child to grow up as a successful person with both […]

Social network to find best tutors for your kid.

Social media or Social network is the key to nearly every problem that arise in our life. From finding clothes, buying them at a reasonable price, buying groceries, furnitures, electronics and every thing weneed to finding a hotel, business interactions, finding a bride/groom through matrimonial sites, building a career, everything can be done online via […]

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