Everyone knows what distance learning is. No one is unknown to this term, especially after the widespread of this pandemic. The main thing that people benefit from this getting education at the comfort of their home.

It has many advantages if we start counting, starting from no need to travel, more engaging, cost-effective and many more such advantages over the regular education system.

It’s not only limited to the working professionals but also the homemakers, who may have left their work due to their responsibilities they have at home, can also work with this medium, which not only makes them financially stable, providing an extra support to the family but also adds up to enhance their skills and make them more confident.

It’s also said, that teachers are mind engineers. They make the future citizens of the country, by not only teaching them material subjects but teach them to be a good human being by giving them moral values.

The reason for it’s popularity is because of its numerous advantages. Here’s a list of 6 such advantages.
• One of the reason of why distance learning is gaining so much popularity is because it’s way more cost-effective. It does provide you education at a very low price if compared to a regular college. The cost only includes your Internet bills(which you’re anyhow going to have) and study materials (that too, way less than a regular college).
• The second and one of the best advantage is, you get the comfort of your home. Or you can say that, you can learn anytime, anywhere. It’s not like if you missed any lecture than you lost track. With online education, there is no such thing happening. Even if you’re ill, you can easily study at your comfort space and time. It’s like you are roaming with, your school or college inside your pocket.
• You can watch the same lectures over and over again. If you want to refer any topic previously taught, you can easily get everything at the same place, stored in a folder. This is a feature that can never be available in a physical school/college. It does helps in recurring the lectures, if the students have any doubt or if they just want to revise it. That too, anytime and at any place.
• There are many such students who feel intimidated to ask their doubts in front of the whole class. This is no longer a problem with online distance learning. No one is going to judge, even if he/she has a fear of public speaking. And the doubts get cleared easily and the tutors explain it in a more personalized way. Giving one-on-one attention.
• The introduction of gamification in education has taken online learning to a different level. It not only helps the students to connect more with the class but also it helps the teachers to understand the potentials of the student. It gives a more engaging and creative experience,
with features such as live chat boxes, discussions, quizzes, rewards such as points, badges and leader boards. Giving them a more effective learning.
• One of the best advantage of online distance learning, is that you can learn at your own pace. There are students who takes a little more time to grasp what has been taught. And that’s completely fine. Everyone has their own speed. And with online learning there will be no such stress of your classmates leaving you behind.

Thus, these were the top 6 advantages that made online distance learning so popular. And again, you can get a degree or you can learn from anywhere in the world, with distance education. That’s pretty amazing.

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