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Our vision is to create a a sophisticated online marketplace for a young India; where people will share knowledge and ideas.Through our unique service offerings we aspire to create an online network of teachers, education experts and students. We believe this is amongst the first steps to create a culture of lifelong learning.


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If your child is struggling in academics and you’re just not sure how to help then turn to professional tutoring services. Choose from our group of successful tutors who focus on the student and his or her individual needs.


Play Schools

Going to a play school is a small step for a giant exposure in a child’s life. So the preschool you choose becomes one of the first and the most important decision you take for your child. We have made this choice easier for you with our list of the best play schools in your area.



Choosing the right school for your child can be a very complicated and confusing process. It is one of the most important decisions you will take for your child’s future. So allow us to help you by making this process easier with our curated list of best schools near you.



Higher education is the most critical and important investment into every student’s future. But with multiple establishments entering this domain the quality of higher education has been diluted. Hence we have put in a lot of research in compiling our list of the most reputed and academically acclaimed colleges for you to choose from.


Global Colleges

Global colleges give students an international exposure and platform to reach heights of success in their careers. You can explore our list of the most renowned and successful global colleges to know more about them.


Language Institutes

Due to increasing competition being fluent in international languages has become more important than ever. Are you interested in investing into a global career? Then find the nearest language institute in our listing and enroll for a bright future.



We are not just limited to education services. If you want to enlist your services on our portal then you are most welcome!



We have a real time game show you can play from the comfort of your homes.